Whether we take on the full responsibility for the complete function or work within well-defined aspects of HR, Pentland HR has the understanding and ability to support your business strategies, handle problems as they arise and manage everyday HR activities.
If these HR activities are mismanaged, or ignored, today’s problem, no matter how straightforward or standard it may be, can easily become a much bigger issue tomorrow.

Pentland HR offers a wide range of employee related services, some of which are detailed below:

  • HR Health check / Audit: a review of your current HR processes, policies, contracts of employment, handbook etc. to help ensure that that your business is compliant with the relevant current and upcoming legislation and that your business has everything that it needs to succeed. The results of this can create a solid foundation for the future of your business and its HR activities.
  • New Business start-ups: offering vital guidance and support to ensure that those first steps take your businesses in the direction you want to go.
  • Support and Development of your team: Supporting and assisting you to develop your employees to ensure they are engaged, motivated and therefore delivering high levels of performance, which in turn will increase output.
  • Business Support and partnering for Growth and/or Change: Every business will go through some form of change no matter how small at some point in its lifetime. Pentland HR can be part of this in assisting with processes and efficiencies as well as support you to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible for your employees, allowing your journey to continue.
  • Employee Advice and Relations: Assist from “afar” or, be directly involved and guide and advise on employee absence, investigations, disciplinaries, grievances, performance issues and redundancy.
  • Recruitment and Selection: we can work with you to ensure you select and recruit the person with the appropriate skill-set and behaviours for the role, as well as fit your organisational culture in a legally compliant way. An incorrect appointment can prove very costly as well as time consuming, potentially impacting on the whole team and/or business.
  • Occupational Health services: Safety critical workers assessments. Driving at work assessments. Night worker assessments, Health surveillance, Management Referrals.
  • Training: First aid, Health and Safety and Interpersonal skills.  These can be delivered in-house, at a mutually convenient location or in some cases virtually.

Whatever your needs, we can guide you on ‘best practise’ and provide support to your business, ensuring it adds value.

Pentland HR recognises that every employer is unique, we can provide remote and on-site support to our clients as a regular subscription, day rate or on a project basis which enables you to access professional and affordable support without committing to the cost of hiring an in-house HR expert.